ETSY – Reclaimed IPE Coney Island Boardwalk Trivet

Rest your hot dogs on a piece of history.

About 3 years ago the New York City parks department began replacing parts of the very weathered Coney Island boardwalk and simply throwing away a landmark. Luckily conservationists like Martins Straupe & Kurt VonEllers were able to claim some pieces of their own and come up with an attractive modular design for a trivet. Each piece is made from IPE wood reclaimed from a 2010 renovation of the boardwalk and is hand-notched and then sanded by hand in Jersey City, New Jersey. The number of formations you can make could be limitless but this collection is limited so head on over to Etsy to claim yours.

Available at the dfnqline shop on Etsy.

100%Materials and labor all American.

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