ETSY – Jewelry by AltanaMarie

As a child artist Altana Frantz spent hours collecting found objects that most people might consider junk and making beautiful things from them. These days she is using a bit finer materials like bronze, gold, and silk to create her pieces, but each one makes you feel like it lived a previous life before taking shape into a “wearable sculpture”. Her rings, bracelets, and necklaces are hand forged in bronze, gold, or silver and then are finished in a number of ways to give them a vintage feel. Sometimes she plates pieces with rose gold using an environmentally safe plating system which is cyanide free which gives the metal a warm peachy feel. Some pieces are oxidized or sand-blasted to give them texture.  All of her materials are recycled, eco-friendly, environmentally safe and sustainable, and ethically mined. All of her processes avoid the use of caustic chemicals.

Check out her work on her Etsy page.

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