Eau de Parfums by Kerosene

What woman in the world hasn’t experienced olfactory assault by one of her male counterparts? Whether walking past the locker room at the gym or a more direct bombing by an over-enthusiastic first date, man musk can run the gamut.  From unwashed soccer jersey stench to spray can cologne, it can be hard to strike the right balance between nature boy and Reek-o Suavé. But no worries, Kerosene has the cure for the common stink. And with fragrances for both men and women, you’ll be sure to find a scent to suit you.


Kerosene’s delightfully handcrafted eau de parfums cover a range from spicy to mellow, from masculine to refreshing. “R’oud Elements” provides a rugged, warm, and sophisticated scent with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and orange bitters. Looking for something more feminine? Try “Whips and Roses” which enchants the nose with hints of rose, leather, jasmine, and bergamot. For a refreshing and earthy fragrance, go for “Creature” which features birch, mint, lemon, and moss.

Each of Kerosene’s scents are at once unique and down to earth. And that’s exactly what creator, John Pegg, is going for. Michigan born-and-bred, Pegg reportedly pulls inspiration from the great outdoors, as well as his own emotions and experiences. Plus, you can’t beat the packaging with a stick, although don’t be surprised if you find one tied to the bottle. The outside of each of Kerosene’s offerings speaks to the personal attention Pegg gives to his creations. All bottles are hand painted and labeled with an individually stamped metal plate, providing an even greater air of sophistication. Easy on the eyes and irresistible to the nose, Kerosene offers the balanced and distinctive scents you’ve been looking for.

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