Domke Next Generation Camera Bags by Tiffen

Possibly the only camera bag made in America.

I’m not talking about a bag for Jean Luc Picard when we look at the next generation Domke camera bags. 25 years ago Philadelphia Inquirer staffer Jim Domke was looking for a speedier lighter bag he could work from, which at the time just did not exist. He went about designing a series of well made, light, functional, and attractive camera bags that manufacturer Tiffen calls “the only camera bags made in America.” Bags are made in the Tiffen factory in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York.

On the outside these bags have a stylishly simple and classic look and are made from a water resistant eco-friendly canvas. Available in timeless colors like olive, brown, khaki, and black these bags also feature YKK zippers that are made in the U.S. and durable steel rings and buckles to keep your camera gear safe yet easily accessible. On the inside padded separating walls keep gear organized and protected from shocks.

Domke bags come in a number of different configurations and sizes to accommodate any kind of camera owner from novice to professional. Each configuration is carefully thought out to maximize space while always keeping speed and agility in mind. Additionally there are special finishes, more limited editions and entire first edition line. The “Ruggedwear” series uses a brown canvas material treated with special non-solvent, environmentally friendly waxes to achieve a waxed canvas look that adds a little more water resistance and character.

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