Decorative Tile by Slate-ish

Slate is a cornerstone of the modern look however, getting slate to your front door involves mining and with some pieces it involves shipping around the world. That’s a heavy environmental weight to bare not to mention the weight that those walls have to bare. In comes a new idea that is lighter, more environmentally friendly, and looks…Slate-ish. These tiles are made from pieces of another building material used for countertops and exteriors called Richlite made in Tacoma, WA. Richlite is recycled FSC-certified paper that has been compressed and hardened in a non-toxic resin that makes it as durable as stone but as easy to cut as wood. Slate-ish uses waste from Richlite installations and has a process to turn those pieces into tiles that resemble slate. The tiles come in a number of shapes and sizes which can be applied to a surface with a number of adhesives.

Available from Slate-ish.

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