Cutting Boards by Epicurean

When you see a skate park a different kind of board other than a kitchen cutting board comes to mind. The wood under all those wheels might come closer to your kitchen counter than you might think. The line of cutting boards and kitchen utensils by Epicurean was created when excess material from the skating surfaces built by it’s founding company TrueRide were combined and compressed in a food safe resin to make durable kitchen tools. They offer a wide selection of cutting board sizes, styles, and colors that all feature FSC woods and in some recycled cardboard and paper. Every board is dishwasher safe but if wood isn’t your thing then they also have a selection of plastic boards made from recycled milk jugs. All are made in Duluth, Minnesota at the sister company Loll Designs manufacturing facility.

Available from Epicurean.

100%Materials and labor all American.

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