Concrete Knobs by Kast

Why stop with the concrete on your counters? Kast Knobs has taken that modern and environmentally friendly material and put in your hands in some of the most attractive casts that will adorn your drawers or cabinets anywhere in the house. There are more styles than you can count on 2 hands and each is design and cast in Cleveland.

Available from Kast Knobs.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Extô Outlets by Conway Electric

The power strip lives a reclusive life. It hides out in and behind furniture then its destined for a death in a box of cables up in the attic. Ugly plastic devices that make their way to sterile aisles from overseas. The Extô outlet begs for the spot light. Starting with a sturdy powder-coated aluminum and steel housing the Extô is built to last the test of time. Its lengthy cord is an attractive weave of cotton available in a variety of colors over heavy duty electrical cable and his made by a factory with 50 years of experience. The outlets themselves are tamper proof and every component is of the highest quality. Almost everything is sourced from inside the US and the units are built in Seattle.

Available from Conway Electric.

Custom Outdoor Jackets by Wild Things

Wild Things was born from a couple of east coast climbing enthusiasts and grew into a leading supplier of tactical outerwear for alpinists, hikers, military, and law enforcement. Their knowledge of the elements and of high performing synthetic materials has gone into a couple of well designed and American made jackets. The Insulight jacket is both light weight, warm, and functions perfectly as a mid-layer in colder climates or as an outer layer for less harsh conditions. Made with materials like TORAY, POLARTEC®, SCHOELLER®, and lined with PRIMALOFT® insulation this jacket is built to block cold winds and keep you dry in light rains. The heftier mountain guide jacket sports a fleece lined Toyota soft shell and is ideal for a little tougher climbs. Both are customizable with lots of colors, pocket options, and hood or no hood. Each is cut and sewn in a New Hampshire facility and is available within 2 weeks.

Available from Wild Things USA.

Decorative Tile by Slate-ish

Slate is a cornerstone of the modern look however, getting slate to your front door involves mining and with some pieces it involves shipping around the world. That’s a heavy environmental weight to bare not to mention the weight that those walls have to bare. In comes a new idea that is lighter, more environmentally friendly, and looks…Slate-ish. These tiles are made from pieces of another building material used for countertops and exteriors called Richlite made in Tacoma, WA. Richlite is recycled FSC-certified paper that has been compressed and hardened in a non-toxic resin that makes it as durable as stone but as easy to cut as wood. Slate-ish uses waste from Richlite installations and has a process to turn those pieces into tiles that resemble slate. The tiles come in a number of shapes and sizes which can be applied to a surface with a number of adhesives.

Available from Slate-ish.

Rain Cape by Cleverhood

To avoid looking like an amateur in your rainy urban surroundings there is only one rain cape that is going to come to your rescue. The Cleverhood brings smarts and functionality to the streets with materials that are reflective, stylish, breathable, and of course water resistant. This poncho also has pockets, velcro, magnets, and elastic loops to keep things in place and movable when you need it.

Available from Cleverhood.

KICKSTARTER-Athleticwear by Yesler

Yesler is an upstart that has big dreams of an all-American made athletic wear line. The starting line is modest but, with their women’s capris and men’s shorts they have two solid legs underneath them. The build on both pieces is top notch with panels of breathable material that is woven in North Carolina and cross-stitched for extra strength. The trim materials like elastic and drawstrings come from New England and Missouri and it all is cut and sewn together in Seattle. We would love to see Yesler go much further so if you are in the market for some athletic attire stop by their Kickstarter and show your love.

Available from Yesler.


Athletic Socks by New Balance

Socks might come in second when making the decision of what bright new pair of running shoes to take flight in but there are a few New Balance pairs that bring together style and technology to make all the difference. Unlike 100% cotton socks the Minimus sock is made from 97% Nylon and 3% Lycra® Spandex which makes it super light and has built in cushioning for the right striking areas. The Hydrotec sock includes Delcron Hydrotec fiber that helps wick moisture along with vented panels to help with airflow. The standard Low Cut sock is made from 56% Polyester, 34% Nylon, 9% Acrylic and 1% Lycra® Spandex and like all of the other socks mentioned is reinforced in the heel and toe and includes cushioning in just the right spots. A lot more technology in these socks that you might think but it goes a long way towards a better run. All are manufactured by a contracted company call Renfro that was selected by New Balance because of their domestic production capabilities.

Available from New Balance.

Vacuums by Simplicity

There is definitely something simple about these vacuums that remind me of 80′s industrial design and Hal from “2001: A Space Odyssey” all in one machine that doesn’t come from Malaysia. Inside these machines is a whole heap of love for engineering with models that fit any budget and any task. There are lighter ones like the Freedom that weighs 9 pounds and then the all out heavy duty Tandem that can shine in homes with all kinds of pets. Each model has some form of HEPA filtration and all are molded, painted, assembled, tested, and packaged in the Simplicity facility in St. James, Missouri.


A classic look with modern touches, the Tessera watch is the sophomore effort from the watchmaker Leo Padron. Each Padron Watch is made with 150 Meter marine grade stainless steel and sapphire crystal and exclusively use high beat mechanical-wind movements. Padron Watches are water resistanct to 150 meters, use no electronics nor a battery, and hence are excellent choices for low-temperature climates and demanding weather. The components come from abroad but everything is assembled by hand in their Minnesota facility. At a price around $500 this is a watch that looks great and doesn’t break your wrist when you reach for the wallet.

Available from Padron.