Spider Climbing Hoody by NW Alpine

Seems like climbing and hiking runs in the blood of most Pacific North-westerners. That’s no different for Oregonian and NW Alpine’s founder Bill Amos who is out climbing in his backyard while designing gear made their too. Crafted from Polartec® High Efficiency Power Dry® fabric the Spider Hoody is built to withstand chilly mountain winds and breath as you sweat. On top of that there are perfectly placed pockets and thumbholes keeping everything close and cozy.

Available from NW Alpine.

Seasonal Fragrance Collections by LCM Fragrance

We are always so busy watching the runways looking out for FW this year and SS that year. Getting carried away with the visual that we may neglect an accessory like fragrance and settle for bottles that have been hanging around a long while. You wouldn’t rock that top that’s had it’s day a year ago so why not give your scent an update. Alongside building unique custom personal fragrances LCM has created a ready-to-wear line that is fashion forward. Each season owner and perfumer Cécile puts both her prestigious French perfumery school training and masters in chemistry to come up with scents of now. Her crafted fragrances are then produced and bottled in small batches close to her studio in NYC. These are the one of a kind pieces you have been looking for, just off that runway.

Available from LCM Fragrance.

Athletic wear from Pistol Lake

I’ve always wanted to turn my used plastic bottles into new threads and now Pistol Lake is making that dream come true. Using a fabric they call Eudae, a yarn created by combining polyester made from recycled bottles with Tencel which is a fiber made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees grown on PEFC-certified, sustainably run farms. The result is athletic wear that is soft but performs like a champ giving you breathability, stretch, and some very well placed pockets to hold your tech or keys. All these eco-conscious and minimalist threads are coming to you from L.A.

Available on Kickstarter from Pistol Lake.

A2 Pocket Knife by WKRMN Design

This isn’t that Nokia phone you got free with your first cell phone plan in 2002. This might get you out of much stickier situations and is one of the best damn looking pocket knifes I’ve ever laid eyes on. Made of exotic maple and stainless or carbon steel the A2 is heirloom quality and built one at a time by hand in St. Paul. These are one of a kind so be on the lookout.

Available from WKRMN Design.

Recycled Yoga Mats by Süga

I would imagine there to be a ubiquitous Southern Californian dream of catching radical waves while in a Vinyasa higher state of relaxation. In Encinitas, the surfing and yoga heart of the state and possibly the country, a small brand called Süga is making that a little more of a reality. Süga takes old used wet suits and gives them new life as a killer yoga mat. The neoprene material is antimicrobial, spongy, and grips well making it perfect for those sweaty yoga sessions where visions of the ocean guide you.

Available from Süga.

Long Sleeve Running Shirts by PEP

When winter comes knocking and you are out the door on your run or hike then you want one of these long sleeve shirts by PEP warming you up. Each is made with sustainable, lightweight, and very warm Australian merino wool. The construction takes motion in mind with seams in all the right places for slim fitting performance. They are stitched together in Oregon, the perfect back yard for outdoor activities.

Available from PEP.

The Cube Speakers by Fern & Roby

Sounds of synths to banjos will be warmed flowing through these pieces of heart pine that have been reclaimed from a 19th century Virginia factory and machined from a solid beam in Fern & Roby’s Richmond, VA space. The base is cast right down the road from recycled aluminum giving solid structure to all the frequencies coming from the Alpair 7 Gold Drivers by MarkAudio.

Available at Fern & Roby

Reusable Produce Bags by Cocooon

Every year millions of plastic bags get thrown in the trash after one use from the grocery or farmer’s market. Cocooon wants to put a dent in that number by offering a reusable produce bag that is designed to carry your veggies home and keep them fresh in the fridge. Made from Tyvek the bag is breathable and water resistant, letting moisture escape while keeping other liquids out. It is light and collapsible making it easy to carry. Cocooon is also recyclable. All of the materials are sourced in the U.S. and the product is built in Asheboro, NC.

Available from Cocooon.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Fitted Athletic Shirts by Guroo

Just because those gym clothes are made of stretchy fabric doesn’t mean you are going to get the perfect fit when you are in a SMLXL world. Guroo is giving you more or less room with their customized men’s shirts based on build and length. They are made with a moisture wicking fabric, double seamed, and designed with vents that make you feel and look cool. The production is based in Los Angeles.

Available from Guroo.

Utility Mirror by Good Thing

Do you really want 7 years bad luck hinging on that shitty plastic hand mirror underneath the sink? Maybe that mirror should look in the mirror because Good Thing NYC has made a thing of beauty. This utility mirror ain’t breaking since it is made from one piece of steel thats cut and polished in Pennsylvania. It’s then dipped in rubber at an automotive parts factory in Ohio so that you won’t lose your grip at any angle.

Available from Good Thing.