Outerwear by The Arrivals

As the name might suggest, The Arrivals is new to the fashion scene backed by some minds that would be considered outsiders to the runway. Maybe Kanye can be an architect, fashion designer, and rapper but ordinarily you might not want a fashion designer in charge of building your dream home. In this case the reverse is quite pleasing because it is engineers, architects, and designers that are building release 1.0 of what is sure to become one dope purveyor of American-made outerwear. Materials are hand-picked from abroad and are listed in detail. The Arrivals plays the classics but does so with a new perspective. There are parkas, moto-leather jackets, and even the denim jacket all represented in a beautifully updated way.

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Women’s Collection by Bow and Arrow

Newcomers Bow and Arrow are picking up their bootstraps and carrying the history and culture of the Appalachians they call home into the present with their collection of women’s classics. The outlines reflect a hardworking rural past and connects them to the details seen on any modern day runway. Materials like denim, organic hemp, and cotton are cut and sewn into pieces that are built to last a generation. The materials are also primarily sourced domestically. The blues are beautifully rich and are mixed with patterned stripes and chambray that add a depth you wouldn’t find decades ago. The denim features a high waist, stitching, and pockets that all work together to perfectly for an incredible fit. Get to work and take a look.

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Fischer Clothing – Success starts with pattern.

Designer Kristina Angelozzi now has 4 years of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections that showcase her talent for creating with fabrics and patterns that are timeless pieces of art. Like a perfectly designed piece of furniture anchoring an otherwise blank space, each Fischer garment is what brings an outfit to life. In her current collections you will find rich multicolored patterns that are characteristic of the ikat weave technique originating in Central and South America plus fabrics that are meticulously hand block printed. The fabrics are sourced from around the world and start with all natural materials like cotton with bits of wool, linen, and hemp. Everything is designed, cut, sewn, and shipped from New York city although Kristina is taking operations a little further south soon.

Available from Fischer with list of stockists.

PROFILE – TOPO Distillery

Truly American grown.

Yeah, there are a bajillion micro-breweries across the nation, some of which you might even find in someone’s basement. What you won’t find many of out there are micro-distilleries. And even fewer still, micro-distilleries making their own alcohol from domestic and organic raw ingredients. You can count those on one hand. Then once you add in all of the environmentally friendly practices that TOPO Distillery has incorporated into their distilling process you are talking about a truly unique beverage. TOPO, or Top of the Hill, got their start as a pub and restaurant over looking the scene of many college basketball victory celebrations on Franklin St. in the little college town of Chapel Hill. After securing an iconic spot and becoming successful at their own micro-brewery, the next step was obviously to make their own Vodka, Whisky, and Gin.

It all starts with a soft red winter wheat organically grown down the road in Scotland Neck, NC. The wheat is ground and turned into mash which ferments in a huge fermenting chamber that is temperature controlled.

With a custom built distillation tower that uses up to 70% less water and energy TOPO separates the alcohol from the mash in about half the time it would normally take. Part of what makes this process so efficient is recycling water which cuts down on water use and makes it easier to control the temperature. Most distilleries don’t even make their own alcohol, but instead buy it from facilities that do just that. And the process has really only just begun.

TOPO then takes the separated alcohol, puts it in the beautiful copper pot still, and begins the rigorous purification process. Rigorous because if you are going to make a clean crisp tasting vodka then you are going to need to get rid of impurities like methanol and aldehydes. For vodka TOPO starts with alcohol that is above 80 proof and runs it up a tower with 22 condensation plates where the alcohol goes from gas to liquid at each stop getting rid of those impurities. This is done 3 times essentially distilling the alcohol 66 times to give you a 97 proof product.

TOPO has a white whisky that goes through a shorter distillation column and straight to the bottle or to a red oak barrel to be aged and bottled later. Gin is infused with Juniper and other botanicals before going through the column. Botanicals and flavors were at first sourced from all over, but with strong ties with their farming partners TOPO convinced them to grow those ingredients too. Now approximately 97 percent of all TOPO’s ingredients come within 150 miles from the distillery.

Even their bottling, labeling, and packaging is done in house. All their efforts in building an environmentally conscious craft distillery has earned them a Green Plus label, lots of awards, and should earn your top shelf.

Find out where you can buy a bottle at TOPO Distillery.

100%Materials and labor all American.

PROFILE – Lumina Clothing

The city of oaks, Raleigh, North Carolina, finds itself right in the middle of building a new identity for a new kind of southern city by bringing in the southern hospitality, culture, and work ethic out of the suburbs and into downtown. Amidst the cranes and construction, a building from generations past is now home to Raleigh’s latest menswear collection by Lumina Clothing. Walk inside and amongst the original hardwoods, lofty light filled space, and cool threads you might just find founders Peter, Paul, and Barton there to great you with that southern hospitality and an excitement about their line that will make anyone an instant fan.

Starting a few years ago by dabbling in making neckwear the crew comprised of 4 guys with backgrounds ranging from Nuclear engineering to architecture to environmental science quickly made their move into shirting, launching a Kickstarter to get legs underneath the brand. Their mission was to tap back into the rich textile industry of the south and provide quality American made menswear that is affordable.

The collection is built to outfit any modern man with the basics. Neckwear is made in New York and pants are made in Chicago. Shirts are made in either South Carolina or Chicago and are tailored to fit impeccably. Sizing is designed to help any man get the tailored look without the tailor using a unique approach. All of the normal S, M, L, XL you would expect are on the rack, but in between those you will find a S, M, L, and XL + with measurements that are literally in between the full sizes.

Another attractive feature of the Lumina collection…price. Shirts are under $90, pants under $100, and neckwear under $60. When you look out there and see shirts that are $200 and up it can often be a barrier. Lumina didn’t want that to be something that turns a buyer away from American-made or their brand, even though that means breaking a little closer to even.

In other corners of the shop are selves made from reclaimed materials that feature other American made brands like men’s grooming products from Prospector Co., canvas bags by Parrot Canvas, and organic socks by Zkano. They are also making some of their own market tote bags using canvas from Parrot Canvas and banging out the leather riveted straps right in the back of the shop.

Up next for the brand are more collaborations with other local artists and makers to create small collections featured in store and pop-up markets. Also, denim is coming! White Oak of course. Big things down the tobacco road for Lumina.