ETSY – Concrete Bath Accessories by Roughfusion

If modern decor and design were broken into food groups then one of the big ones down at the bottom would be concrete. Nothing looks nicer in a kitchen or bath than a splash of the mixed magic. Case in point are these bath accessories made in small batches by hand in Pennsylvania and finished with an FDA approved sealer. Pretty much every organizational need you have in your bathroom can be fulfilled right here and if you peak further on the Etsy page you will discover beautiful concrete objects to put all over your modern home.

Available from Roughfusion on Etsy.



Etsy – Knited Scarves by Yokoo Gibraan

Yokoo Gibraan’s work is as fascinating as her work ethic and way of living. She has single handedly worked her way with two diligently working hands from bedroom knitter to being featured in the New York Times. Now with thousands of sales she spends 8-9 hours per day powering through her orders completely by herself and there is a reason for such demand. Her scarves are bold in texture, shape, and scale. Looking at them reminds you of cuddling up on a cold winter day and they invite you to become part of an experience that is more than just fashion. They stand out as more than just an accessory that ties together an outfit, but as the piece that defines the outfit and functions how you might expect…keeping things toasty.

Available from the Yokoo on Etsy.

The Portland Collection by Pendleton

The new Portland Collection from Pendleton takes the best of their history making impeccable woven wools inspired by traditional Native American style and gives it an update with rich and colorful details that perfectly balance a classic and vintage line. The collection for both men and women is extends from button down shirts and dresses to hand bags to outwear. Every piece is well designed and constructed from fabrics that include American woven wool, Japanese polyester, and other imported yarns and silk and is of course constructed right here in the U.S.A. You can’t go wrong with any piece from this collection.

Available from Pendleton.

KICKSTARTER – Dress Shirts by Hucklebury

How much would you pay for a label? Sometimes you might look at a price tag of a “designer” shirt and think there may also be a little piece of gold attached to that label on the collar. Sure, the material is top notch and the fit is sexy but can’t the average guy get that without becoming a servant to the runway? Hucklebury is side stepping all of that magical brand name shit and giving men a dress shirt that is made of quality Egyptian cotton milled in Italy and mother of pearl buttons, has a tailored fit, and comes at a $78 price tag. And, I wouldn’t be telling you about them unless each shirt was made in a 100 year old factory near D.C. A factory that like all other apparel makers has fell on hard times, but is trying to add hours and production back. Hucklebury hopes to be a part of that.

Visit the Hucklebury Kickstarter.

ARTISAN – Rosewood and Birch

Found and foraged.

ROSEWOOD & BIRCH might be named after two hardwoods, but behind their collection of wooden treasures is a hard working father & son team. Gary Camardo has been hustlin’ on the streets of NYC since the fifties. He treated woodworking as more of a hobby until finding the lathe in 2008 and took to crafting pent up genius. Formally trained at design school in Manhattan, Gary also has absorbed decades of inspiration from streets across the globe that have all sharpened his vision for shaping a modern silhouette.

A prowess for design is not the only thing that dictates each of Gary’s pieces. He and his son Noel share a philosophy for how to source wood. Both Gary and Noel love the outdoors and the rural landscape and they both wanted to have the least impact possible. Gary starts by foraging for wood from fallen trees in the swamps of Florida’s Gulf coast to the Maine coast to bring back to the shop in Columbia County New York.

Every unique piece of wood not only has its own rich character when finished but also characteristics like size, stability, grain and spalting of the wood guide the process. Fallen wood has a dimension to it that really comes through in the colors and patterns revealed through the lathe.

With an eye thats used to scrutinizing images through a lens, photographer Noel curates and present’s his fathers work. A body that now spans bowls, stools, and lamps in a few shapes and sizes. All viewable and a selection available through ROSEWOOD & BIRCH.

100%Materials and labor all American.

KICKSTARTER – Athletic shorts by Olivers

In a world where athletic wear comes from the far reaches of Asia, a few guys had the vision and desire to change the game. This fall coming to you from the makers of fine tailored men’s clothing at Taylorstitch comes an athletic short that will blow you away…
Alright, they might not make a movie but they are certainly feature worthy. Athletic shorts made in U.S.? Finally. And these have style too. A great looking fit with material that will hold up on a Sunday run and a mountain climb. Each is made from nylon and spandex with stand-out details like a parachute chord drawstring with custom rubber end caps. All cut and sewn in San Francisco. Be sure to get first in line on this Kickstarter because no doubt they will be gone soon.

More info at Olivers.

PROFILE – TOPO Distillery

Truly American grown.

Yeah, there are a bajillion micro-breweries across the nation, some of which you might even find in someone’s basement. What you won’t find many of out there are micro-distilleries. And even fewer still, micro-distilleries making their own alcohol from domestic and organic raw ingredients. You can count those on one hand. Then once you add in all of the environmentally friendly practices that TOPO Distillery has incorporated into their distilling process you are talking about a truly unique beverage. TOPO, or Top of the Hill, got their start as a pub and restaurant over looking the scene of many college basketball victory celebrations on Franklin St. in the little college town of Chapel Hill. After securing an iconic spot and becoming successful at their own micro-brewery, the next step was obviously to make their own Vodka, Whisky, and Gin.

It all starts with a soft red winter wheat organically grown down the road in Scotland Neck, NC. The wheat is ground and turned into mash which ferments in a huge fermenting chamber that is temperature controlled.

With a custom built distillation tower that uses up to 70% less water and energy TOPO separates the alcohol from the mash in about half the time it would normally take. Part of what makes this process so efficient is recycling water which cuts down on water use and makes it easier to control the temperature. Most distilleries don’t even make their own alcohol, but instead buy it from facilities that do just that. And the process has really only just begun.

TOPO then takes the separated alcohol, puts it in the beautiful copper pot still, and begins the rigorous purification process. Rigorous because if you are going to make a clean crisp tasting vodka then you are going to need to get rid of impurities like methanol and aldehydes. For vodka TOPO starts with alcohol that is above 80 proof and runs it up a tower with 22 condensation plates where the alcohol goes from gas to liquid at each stop getting rid of those impurities. This is done 3 times essentially distilling the alcohol 66 times to give you a 97 proof product.

TOPO has a white whisky that goes through a shorter distillation column and straight to the bottle or to a red oak barrel to be aged and bottled later. Gin is infused with Juniper and other botanicals before going through the column. Botanicals and flavors were at first sourced from all over, but with strong ties with their farming partners TOPO convinced them to grow those ingredients too. Now approximately 97 percent of all TOPO’s ingredients come within 150 miles from the distillery.

Even their bottling, labeling, and packaging is done in house. All their efforts in building an environmentally conscious craft distillery has earned them a Green Plus label, lots of awards, and should earn your top shelf.

Find out where you can buy a bottle at TOPO Distillery.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Kickstarter – Nourishmat and Herbmat Gardens

Roll it out and grow.

A new wave of urban and suburbanites have been riding the growing trend of turning a little piece of manicured lawn into a small garden capable of putting a few meals on the table. It takes miles off the road, its fresher, its healthier, it tastes better, its cheaper, but it can be a challenge. If you have no time to wait for seeds to germinate after finding them, figuring out what grows best with what, and how to make it grow best you might just give up before starting. Nourishmat and the smaller Herbmat take that learning curve and literally roll it out flat.

Each mat (4′ X 6′ for the Nourishmat and 2′ X 6′ for the Herbmat) is made of woven fabric that is manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina. There are holes made for greens and herbs that are clearly and colorfully labeled with the printing work also done in NC. These labels make it easy to assemble your garden and with all the thought of distance between plants and which plants work well together already built in to the design. Also, attached is a hose made by Robert Bosch Tool in Peoria, IL that irrigates across the entire mat. Lastly, special seed balls with clay and compost casings provide protection and helps germinate the non-GMO seeds inside. Seeds are available for tomato, carrot, marigold, onions, basil, nasturtium, radish, chive, kale, rainbow chard, jalapeno, dill, eggplant, red pepper, and more. Seed balls are simply pushed into the ground where labeled and can be reordered the next season.

Whether its your first time touching a plant or you are looking for a way to get the kids involved in gardening, the Nourishmat is a fun and fail proof way to start growing your own food.

Available through Kickstarter at Nourishmat.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Blood Root Blades

Southern Soul for Your Bitchin' Kitchen

Self-proclaimed foodies know that being a foodie isn’t just about eating well. There is a design to good food a love component and a process. It starts with quality ingredients; manipulated at the hands of genius, insanity or both; and ends in the passion of consumption. And this is why you won’t find an IKEA knife in the kitchen of a true foodie. No more would a sex guru take a romp in crummy sheets than a true lover of food prepare a meal with a subpar saber. And if cooking is the foreplay of eating, Blood Root Blades will make you hot around the collar.

Indulge your carnal culinary side with one of Blood Root Blades’ crazy sexy knives. They boast a line of kitchen and field knives that are both practical and beautiful. Hand-crafted from found materials such as recovered saw blades, shipwreck wood, tools, and antlers, these knives are not only sustainable, but sturdy as heck. Because Blood Root creates cutlery from upcylced material, each one is hand-forged (not just selected from a stock pile and then ground down to exacter dimensions). The knife then goes through a veritable butcher boot camp in order to deliver you with one of the finest blades this side of a shoe string french fry.

And while the kitchen knives are probably the most useful offerings by the Blood Root boys, they are also the proud artisans of a shavings razors, field knifes, axes, and a variety of other tools.  Perhaps most notable of their creations is the line of Legacy Pieces. While almost all of Blood Root Blades are custom-made, the Legacy Pieces are even further personalized. Each of these knives is created using materials precious to the future owner. This takes the “heirloom” trend to a whole new level.

Materials and labor all American.


ETSY – Birdhouses by Hubler Furniture Co.

If I were a bird and needed a home...

When you think screen printing the first thing to pop in your mind isn’t usually a birdhouse but thankfully Todd Humbler made that connection. His series of modern bird houses have screen printed wood grain in bright colors that stand out to us humans but might blend in easily with the trees for creatures of the forest giving those inhabitants some added protection. The screen printed collection is made of birch plywood coated with Spar Urethane for protection from the elements and is toped with a removable ceramic tile.

Todd also has a series of birdhouses made from reclaimed and scrap pieces of wood. These have a more minimalist feel but maybe thats the way your birds roll.

Available on Etsy.