The Portland Collection by Pendleton

The new Portland Collection from Pendleton takes the best of their history making impeccable woven wools inspired by traditional Native American style and gives it an update with rich and colorful details that perfectly balance a classic and vintage line. The collection for both men and women is extends from button down shirts and dresses to hand bags to outwear. Every piece is well designed and constructed from fabrics that include American woven wool, Japanese polyester, and other imported yarns and silk and is of course constructed right here in the U.S.A. You can’t go wrong with any piece from this collection.

Available from Pendleton.

Boots and Moccasins by Mrs. P. Hicks

Feminine moccassins without being "frilly"

mrsphicks_FW2012Designer Katherine McMillan has created the perfect combination of fashion forward and timeless American classic looks with her line of moccasins and boots made especially for women under her brand Mrs. P. Hicks. Inspired by lines of men’s footwear known for their quality hand-made moccasins, Katherine has rejuvenated and reinvented the style while harnessing the manufacturing power of those other existing brands. Each pair is hand made in the same factories as those other men’s brands in Maine and Minnesota using quality deerskin leathers and suede. The soles are also domestically made. Some boots have Vibram soles which are well known for their durability and protection. Other styles have soles built on SorboAir® which is lightweight, shock absorbent, and extremely comfortable.

Available at Mrs. P. Hicks.

mrsphicks_BigCartelmrsphicks_OrangeMocmrsphicks_MidBootmrsphicks_CanaryChukka100%Materials and labor all American.

FILM – Schmatta: Rags to Riches

Inside look at the decline of New York garment manufacturing



After his successful docu-series Brick City about the struggling city of Newark, director Marc Levin shifts his focus slightly east in geography to tell the story of the rise and decline of the New York garment manufacturing industry in his latest HBO documentary Schmatta: Rags to Riches. The film is told through the stories of workers, designers, and industry leaders looking back to a time when a few blocks along 7th avenue were bustling with work in comparison to today where only a few small manufacturers are left. Over a 40 year period clothes manufacturing went from 95% to only 5% leaving the middle class garment worker out of options. Levin explores the reasons behind this looking at how the industry itself pushed for increasing profits and spent more on advertising while offering lower prices. For me watching this film was a huge affirmation on how much power the consumer has in making choices that affect others. Netflix should be getting a copy of this for you to enjoy soon.


The Stumptown Collection by Danner Boots

Fall/Winter 2012 and beyond.

Danner_Stumptown_Mountain-Light-Rugged-MetroIf you are looking to combine rugged outdoor performance with rugged street style then The Stumptown Collection by Danner will be a feast for your eyes. The Fall / Winter 2012 collection features rich leathers and suede with colorful laces to create a number of stylish combinations that evoke the vintage Danner hiking boot design.



For 80 years this year Danner has been hand crafting boots built to last and built to handle the rough Pacific Northwest terrains where the company was started in Portland. Not only do the boots stand up to the wet and rocky Oregon woods but also anything that firemen, police officers, and the armed services can throw at them. Danner makes standard issue boots for all of these job descriptions and all by hand in their Portland factory.



Each boot is crafted with Horween leathers from Chicago which are hand stamped from the best parts of each hide and then hand sewn together. Other materials include Gore-Tex® linings made domestically and add weather proofing inside. Each sole is also made in the U.S. in North Brookfield, Massachusetts by Vibram. Vibram builds soles that have been to Mt. Everest, withstands fire, and stays waterproof while keeping traction on any wet surface. Needless to say you will be covered in most any situation the streets come up with. Also, Danner has a re-crafting program that will restore your boots when they need some love.

Available at Danner.

Danner_Stumptown_Soles100%Materials and labor all American.

Jack Spade + Southwick AW12 Men’s Collection

Dressing presidents and now you.


It seems like it was only yesterday that Jack Spade took a leap into the world of apparel after creating a thriving business from their stylish line of bags and accessories. This will mark the second year that Jack Spade has taken things a step further to team up with the well known and respected men’s custom suit maker Southwick to craft some of their fall line of suiting and outerwear. Based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Southwick has close to a century’s experience tailoring custom clothing and brings the best of American craftsmanship to the updated classics that Jack Spade has designed.



JackSpade_Southwick_shirtsThis season includes a corduroy, light grey flannel, and wool navy blazer that will be staples of any wardrobe for many fall seasons to come. And as things get colder you can add in the dapper cotton moleskin topcoat. Also, there are a few casual oxford and striped button down shirts ready for you to complete any autumn attire. Southwick sources many of their fabrics domestically but also from high quality mills in Italy and Scotland.

Available online at Jack Spade.