Camera Slider by Trost

It’s no news that DSLRs shoot a lot of video content out there these days and an army of companies followed this movement creating all kinds of gear that will give any pro a better shot plus a drained bank account. One piece of gear that has become most popular is the slider which adds smooth movement if operated correctly and if your slider isn’t one of the many that falls apart and gets jerky. Trost sliders are built and calibrated by hand entirely from steel. Not plastic and aluminum. Steel. A system that will support a car and will give you smooth dollying for a long while. On top of that are a ton of design features that put this slider on top. Multiple quick-release mounting points, a 2 axis set-up, adjustable drag, portability, and even self-cleaning. There is no camera this won’t support and no lens, macro or telephoto, that you can’t achieve smooth shots with. Components are built in California and assembled in Minnesota.

Available from Trost.

100%Materials and labor all American.

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