Bedding by Matteo

First, lets try and not get caught up in the thread count game because you and I both know its pretty meaningless. Second, while you may not want second hand sheets you might want them to feel like that favorite old worn in pair of soft jeans. That too can be the feeling of luxury and with every single package of crisp sheet sets out there with that word on the front it can be harder to define what the hell that even means. If you don’t have access to the internet which would be strange right now or if you don’t own a dictionary then don’t start in on your panic attack. Matteo has pretty much got your luxury bedding down to a handcrafted art. They start by sourcing their fabrics from some of the leading mills of the world primarily in Italy. From vintage linen to cotton blends, it all comes to Los Angeles where ever set and piece is hand cut and sewn then dyed. Unique to Matteo is the process of garment dying each piece giving it a softer vintage look and feel. This means they dye everything after it has been sewn and finished.

Available from Matteo.

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