Debra Folz’s Pleat Stool

Flaunt-worthy footstools

If mid-century modern met high tech arts-and-crafts, Debra Folz’s “Pleat Stools” would be their love child .  In a sea of Eames-inspired furniture, these petit pieces pack a bit more punch. Though she clearly pulls from that iconic era, Folz adds figurative and literal dimension to her stools using eye-catching fabrics in a range of hues that are at once classic and cool.  The “Pleat Stool” is a perfect combination of masculine and feminine, a modern mash-up of functional design and organic artwork. These are sure to be an heirloom addition to any home.

Folz offers other sexy and serviceable home furnishings ranging from mirrors to storage solutions. All of her work is semi-customizable via woodgrain and fabric color. If you find yourself falling for the “Pleat Stool,” check out the Studio Collection which features stools in a variety of fabric textures and colors.

Available in limited edition from Debra Foltz.

Blood Root Blades

Southern Soul for Your Bitchin' Kitchen

Self-proclaimed foodies know that being a foodie isn’t just about eating well. There is a design to good food a love component and a process. It starts with quality ingredients; manipulated at the hands of genius, insanity or both; and ends in the passion of consumption. And this is why you won’t find an IKEA knife in the kitchen of a true foodie. No more would a sex guru take a romp in crummy sheets than a true lover of food prepare a meal with a subpar saber. And if cooking is the foreplay of eating, Blood Root Blades will make you hot around the collar.

Indulge your carnal culinary side with one of Blood Root Blades’ crazy sexy knives. They boast a line of kitchen and field knives that are both practical and beautiful. Hand-crafted from found materials such as recovered saw blades, shipwreck wood, tools, and antlers, these knives are not only sustainable, but sturdy as heck. Because Blood Root creates cutlery from upcylced material, each one is hand-forged (not just selected from a stock pile and then ground down to exacter dimensions). The knife then goes through a veritable butcher boot camp in order to deliver you with one of the finest blades this side of a shoe string french fry.

And while the kitchen knives are probably the most useful offerings by the Blood Root boys, they are also the proud artisans of a shavings razors, field knifes, axes, and a variety of other tools.  Perhaps most notable of their creations is the line of Legacy Pieces. While almost all of Blood Root Blades are custom-made, the Legacy Pieces are even further personalized. Each of these knives is created using materials precious to the future owner. This takes the “heirloom” trend to a whole new level.

Materials and labor all American.


Beam Bench by Palo Samko

Leather bound books, tree swings, your grandparents’ junk drawer. There are few items in the world that could be described as “magical”. Almost impossible to identify by name but unmistakable when experienced, the magical objects of the universe are a rare treat that insist on their own intrinsic value, invite you to interact with them, and are almost always “happened upon.”

And now you can count the “Beam Bench” among them. Like many of Palo Samko’s pieces, the “Beam Bench” is distractingly gorgeous. The unexpected combination of raw reclaimed wood and polished, nearly Victorian legs make for one exceptional piece of furniture. It’s huge. It’s beautiful. It’s functional. It’s magic.

This alone is reason enough to strap this beauty to the hood of your car and make her a permanent resident of your home. But that’s not where the Beam Bench’s appeal ends. Palo Samko ratcheted up the attraction with the addition of several whimsical pencil drawers. Fashioned with brass drawer pulls and fully functional as storage, these cylindrical cubbies invite a playfulness that is rarely found in household objects.

Available from Palo Samko.

100% Materials and labor all American.

Eau de Parfums by Kerosene

What woman in the world hasn’t experienced olfactory assault by one of her male counterparts? Whether walking past the locker room at the gym or a more direct bombing by an over-enthusiastic first date, man musk can run the gamut.  From unwashed soccer jersey stench to spray can cologne, it can be hard to strike the right balance between nature boy and Reek-o Suavé. But no worries, Kerosene has the cure for the common stink. And with fragrances for both men and women, you’ll be sure to find a scent to suit you.


Kerosene’s delightfully handcrafted eau de parfums cover a range from spicy to mellow, from masculine to refreshing. “R’oud Elements” provides a rugged, warm, and sophisticated scent with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and orange bitters. Looking for something more feminine? Try “Whips and Roses” which enchants the nose with hints of rose, leather, jasmine, and bergamot. For a refreshing and earthy fragrance, go for “Creature” which features birch, mint, lemon, and moss.

Each of Kerosene’s scents are at once unique and down to earth. And that’s exactly what creator, John Pegg, is going for. Michigan born-and-bred, Pegg reportedly pulls inspiration from the great outdoors, as well as his own emotions and experiences. Plus, you can’t beat the packaging with a stick, although don’t be surprised if you find one tied to the bottle. The outside of each of Kerosene’s offerings speaks to the personal attention Pegg gives to his creations. All bottles are hand painted and labeled with an individually stamped metal plate, providing an even greater air of sophistication. Easy on the eyes and irresistible to the nose, Kerosene offers the balanced and distinctive scents you’ve been looking for.

Available at Min.

Ty DIY Shower Curtain by Grain

Love your new apartment but hate the, um, “retro” pink subway tile in the bathroom? Give a little boost to the place you park your caboose with the Ty DIY shower curtain by Grain. The DIY curtain is just like their other #2 shower curtain, but it also comes with a permanent marker for you to create the powder room masterpiece of your choosing. Lather, rinse, and repeat just got a little less boring.

An added bonus: the curtain is made from a special kind of vinyl that guarantees that your nose hairs won’t be sneezing out an S.O.S. from exposure to noxious fumes. Plus, the material is breathable which means you’re less likely to find your at-home Van Gough the host of a moldy bathtub massacre.


Sold separately is the twelve ring kit of shower curtain rings made of nickle plated brass and fits any shower curtain rod. The rings are made in Florida and the curtain in Washington state where the Grain’s design firm and studio is located.

Available at Grain Design.

Ty_Shower_Curtain100%Materials and labor all American.

Wood & Ponies Table by Lamp

Meet the Black Stallion of tables

Admitted furniture-philes and casual home decorators alike will find themselves in utter lust over the likes of Lamp’s “Wood & Ponies” table. Aptly named, this huge chunk of tree sits atop a set of sawhorses that would set any handyman’s heart to fluttering. This table is not only beautiful, but versatile. By day, it’s a pedestal for prized family heirlooms. By night, it’s a post-dinner party dance floor. So stylish and striking, your children will fight over who gets “Wood & Ponies” in the will.

Hand-crafted individually in St. Petersburg, Florida by Scott Fisher and the LAMP team.

Lamp-Scott Fisher100%Materials and labor all American.

Farm Bench by Holler Design

Haling from Tennessee and with a name like “Farm Bench,” one would be tempted to write this little seat off as a country bumpkin.  But don’t be deceived. This rear-end rest stop is equally at home in a country garden as it is in a downtown loft.  Made by Holler Design, the “Farm Bench” maintains all the irreplaceable charm of reclaimed wood while serving up all the aesthetic appeal of industrial modernism.

The made-to-order bench comes with one and two-seater options, as well as a variety of finish and color choices. And with locally-sourced wood and environmentally-safe materials used in the creation, you can rest assured that this piece of furniture is not only beautiful but sustainable.  So whether the end of the day finds you knocking mud off your boots or laying your suit out for tomorrow, consider this bench a lovely place to take a load off.

Available from Holler Design.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Dog Treats by Bixbi

Bixbi_DogTreatsYou wouldn’t want to eat jerky that came all the way from China, and neither should man’s best friend. Realizing the health complications that come from feeding Fido mystery meat treats, Bixbi of Boulder, CO set out to make a line of 100% American-sourced snacks and supplements.  Besides offering your dog truly nutritious nibbles, Bixbi’s website provides an easy search for finding products locally, offers educational resources, and even provides a petition for fighting tainted dog treats in the US. Bixbi treats have our dogs’ (and our) tails wagging.

Available at Bixbi along with a full list of local vendors.

100%Materials and labor all American.