ARTISAN – Rosewood and Birch

Found and foraged.

ROSEWOOD & BIRCH might be named after two hardwoods, but behind their collection of wooden treasures is a hard working father & son team. Gary Camardo has been hustlin’ on the streets of NYC since the fifties. He treated woodworking as more of a hobby until finding the lathe in 2008 and took to crafting pent up genius. Formally trained at design school in Manhattan, Gary also has absorbed decades of inspiration from streets across the globe that have all sharpened his vision for shaping a modern silhouette.

A prowess for design is not the only thing that dictates each of Gary’s pieces. He and his son Noel share a philosophy for how to source wood. Both Gary and Noel love the outdoors and the rural landscape and they both wanted to have the least impact possible. Gary starts by foraging for wood from fallen trees in the swamps of Florida’s Gulf coast to the Maine coast to bring back to the shop in Columbia County New York.

Every unique piece of wood not only has its own rich character when finished but also characteristics like size, stability, grain and spalting of the wood guide the process. Fallen wood has a dimension to it that really comes through in the colors and patterns revealed through the lathe.

With an eye thats used to scrutinizing images through a lens, photographer Noel curates and present’s his fathers work. A body that now spans bowls, stools, and lamps in a few shapes and sizes. All viewable and a selection available through ROSEWOOD & BIRCH.

100%Materials and labor all American.

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