3D Knitted Ties by Thursday Finest

If you were ever worried about getting your tie caught in a 3D printer you might only be so lucky now. Thursday Finest is making that happen in a good way with a custom automated 3D knitting machine that is capable of delivering your customized vision in a matter of moments. You can pick from a few patterns and get to work making it your own with all kinds of colors. The process cuts down on waste and is all done in a small piece of Brooklyn.

Available from Thursday Finest.

Long Sleeve Running Shirts by PEP

When winter comes knocking and you are out the door on your run or hike then you want one of these long sleeve shirts by PEP warming you up. Each is made with sustainable, lightweight, and very warm Australian merino wool. The construction takes motion in mind with seams in all the right places for slim fitting performance. They are stitched together in Oregon, the perfect back yard for outdoor activities.

Available from PEP.

Stand Mirror by Surname Goods Co.

If you need a reason to face yourself in the mirror each day then this is a start. OK maybe thats a bit too narcissistic but, if you are just after a charming and well=crafted tabletop mirror to set your space apart then come take a look. The stand mirror blends classic function with modern shapes and rich materials like heart pine, blackened oak, black walnut and brass details. Each is crafted in Brooklyn.

Available from Surname Goods Co.

The Cube Speakers by Fern & Roby

Sounds of synths to banjos will be warmed flowing through these pieces of heart pine that have been reclaimed from a 19th century Virginia factory and machined from a solid beam in Fern & Roby’s Richmond, VA space. The base is cast right down the road from recycled aluminum giving solid structure to all the frequencies coming from the Alpair 7 Gold Drivers by MarkAudio.

Available at Fern & Roby

Masu Tabletop Accessories by Desu Design

These tabletop serving and storage accessories from Desu design make your appetizers look like they came out of a 5 star kitchen. There are a few different smart shapes and functions each made from a hygienic and non-porous solid white material thats food smart. These are crafted in the Desu Vermont studio nestled in the Green mountains.

Available from Desudesign.

Reusable Produce Bags by Cocooon

Every year millions of plastic bags get thrown in the trash after one use from the grocery or farmer’s market. Cocooon wants to put a dent in that number by offering a reusable produce bag that is designed to carry your veggies home and keep them fresh in the fridge. Made from Tyvek the bag is breathable and water resistant, letting moisture escape while keeping other liquids out. It is light and collapsible making it easy to carry. Cocooon is also recyclable. All of the materials are sourced in the U.S. and the product is built in Asheboro, NC.

Available from Cocooon.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Credenza by Workstead

Workstead is responsible for interior design on some of the freshest Brooklyn and NYC hotels, shops and residences. Out of that work has sprung a unique collection of lighting and furniture available for your home. Their simply titled credenza plays with light and angles to produce dynamic drawer and door faces that also are fun to pull. Beech or Walnut are sanded smooth to a satin finish that is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes. Each is built in their Brooklyn shop.

Available from Workstead.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirts by Boerum

Boerum is a perfect example of where simple clean design meets transparent and responsible production. Each of their sweatshirts starts on an Lubbock, Texas organic cotton farm, goes thorough one of a select few mills in NC, is sewn in Brooklyn, and ends up on your stylish self. There is a fitted style for both sexes plus an extra long cut just for the ladies.

Available from Boerum.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Harbor Chair by Phloem Studio

Benjamin Klebba grew up sailing on Lake Huron with his dad and watching him craft furniture too. The two collaborated on a collection called the Strand Line inspired from those sailing adventures that features a contemporary rope weave and turned tapered limbs made from domestic oak, cherry, or walnut. Every piece is handcrafted in the Pholem Studio out of Portland.

Available from Pholem Studio.