Outerwear by The Arrivals

As the name might suggest, The Arrivals is new to the fashion scene backed by some minds that would be considered outsiders to the runway. Maybe Kanye can be an architect, fashion designer, and rapper but ordinarily you might not want a fashion designer in charge of building your dream home. In this case the reverse is quite pleasing because it is engineers, architects, and designers that are building release 1.0 of what is sure to become one dope purveyor of American-made outerwear. Materials are hand-picked from abroad and are listed in detail. The Arrivals plays the classics but does so with a new perspective. There are parkas, moto-leather jackets, and even the denim jacket all represented in a beautifully updated way.

Available from The Arrivals.

Dining Tables by John Ford

Father, furniture designer, and figurative painter John Ford has brought to the table some new perspectives on holding up a beautifully crafted table top suited to bring together family, artists, and any type of design lover. Both designs share a thick tapered wooden surface that is formed from either walnut or maple. The SW table sits atop what reminds you of a ballet dancer crossing his or her legs on point while taking a bow. The Sk table seems to float above two thick planes of glass that is married to the wood. Both designs are visually entertaining you while you entertain through exploring balance and stability.

Available from John Ford.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Rain Cape by Cleverhood

To avoid looking like an amateur in your rainy urban surroundings there is only one rain cape that is going to come to your rescue. The Cleverhood brings smarts and functionality to the streets with materials that are reflective, stylish, breathable, and of course water resistant. This poncho also has pockets, velcro, magnets, and elastic loops to keep things in place and movable when you need it.

Available from Cleverhood.

Heirloom Blankets by Falcon & Wagen

North Carolinians and designers Falza Khanani and Malik Wagenseil got love for the rich history of textiles in their state. It made perfect sense to use local mills and factories to bring to life their modern take on a southern cultural staple. The Heirloom Blanket is built to last for generations and has a colorful new look at the herringbone weave. They are a 70% wool and 30% cotton blend that is sure to keep you warm and warm your home with a pop of color and history.

Available from Falcon & Wagen.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Mailbox by Modbox

If you don’t want to seek out that perfect retro mailbox to fit your atomic ranch in yard sales and junk yards then your one shining hope has arrived. Modbox has taken inspiration from mid-century catalog mailboxes and added updated touches to a newly American made mailbox you can order from your couch. The box comes in an array of authentic mid-century colors and is built from steel in North Carolina.

Available from Modbox.


KICKSTARTER-Athleticwear by Yesler

Yesler is an upstart that has big dreams of an all-American made athletic wear line. The starting line is modest but, with their women’s capris and men’s shorts they have two solid legs underneath them. The build on both pieces is top notch with panels of breathable material that is woven in North Carolina and cross-stitched for extra strength. The trim materials like elastic and drawstrings come from New England and Missouri and it all is cut and sewn together in Seattle. We would love to see Yesler go much further so if you are in the market for some athletic attire stop by their Kickstarter and show your love.

Available from Yesler.


Engel Shelving by 100xbetter

A couple of guys in Los Angeles took some mad joinery skills and some Danish mid-century inspiration and came up with a shelving system that is the perfect balance of fresh and classic. The Engel shelving system comes in sections and is built from beautiful specimens of ash or walnut. You might be admiring the shelves more than the wares on them.

Available from 100xbetter.


Perch Shelf and Tray by Dino Sanchez

The Perch series of shelves and trays cover a lot of ground for occasional storage and for the placement of it. There are both large and small sizes for either mounting on the wall or spicing up any surface. Your clutter and keys end up being a show piece rather than and eye sore and there are options for adding a small lamp with linen shade or a jewelry tree for hanging a necklace or two. Each is handmade in Massachusetts and is available in either oak or walnut.


Athletic Socks by New Balance

Socks might come in second when making the decision of what bright new pair of running shoes to take flight in but there are a few New Balance pairs that bring together style and technology to make all the difference. Unlike 100% cotton socks the Minimus sock is made from 97% Nylon and 3% Lycra® Spandex which makes it super light and has built in cushioning for the right striking areas. The Hydrotec sock includes Delcron Hydrotec fiber that helps wick moisture along with vented panels to help with airflow. The standard Low Cut sock is made from 56% Polyester, 34% Nylon, 9% Acrylic and 1% Lycra® Spandex and like all of the other socks mentioned is reinforced in the heel and toe and includes cushioning in just the right spots. A lot more technology in these socks that you might think but it goes a long way towards a better run. All are manufactured by a contracted company call Renfro that was selected by New Balance because of their domestic production capabilities.

Available from New Balance.