Cork Pots and Bowls by Besta Cork

Scranton, Pennsylvania might be widely known as the home of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin but, in real life trees aren’t going to waste there by paper pushers. Besta Cork is using the renewable bark of, you guessed it, cork trees to create a couple different attractive styles of bowls and planting pots that are non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable, antibacterial, and 100% sustainable. Some come in your selection of Real Milk non-toxic paint that adds a pop of color to the soft cork texture.

Available from Besta Cork.

Women’s Collection by Bow and Arrow

Newcomers Bow and Arrow are picking up their bootstraps and carrying the history and culture of the Appalachians they call home into the present with their collection of women’s classics. The outlines reflect a hardworking rural past and connects them to the details seen on any modern day runway. Materials like denim, organic hemp, and cotton are cut and sewn into pieces that are built to last a generation. The materials are also primarily sourced domestically. The blues are beautifully rich and are mixed with patterned stripes and chambray that add a depth you wouldn’t find decades ago. The denim features a high waist, stitching, and pockets that all work together to perfectly for an incredible fit. Get to work and take a look.

Available from Bow and Arrow.


Gately Stools by New8th

New8th furniture out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania features solid woods put together using solid joinery to create solid design. The Gately stools come in 2 different heights and can be made with walnut, cherry, poplar, sycamore, oak, or elm. The seat feels like an architectural feature to any bar and incorporates a foot rest that enhances that architecture and natural beauty of the wood.

Available from New8th.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Swim Trunks by Owner Operator

No bagginess is going to ruin your dive with these form fitting, sporty, and colorful collection of swim trunks. Each is made from nylon that is water resistant and dries fast. Zippers add color, angles, and pockets to carry all of those things you don’t want to lose in the water. They are made in a New York garment district but destined for the beach.

Available from Owner Operator.

Headlands boxes by Alice Tacheny

There is something just divine in these catch-all boxes. How the polished brass cuts through the buttery concrete to separate each vessel into shapes that make anything you put in them look like they are there for a photo shoot. How each piece feels like its own beautifully designed island with a mountainous topography. Each is made in the Bay area.

Available from Alice Tacheny.

100% Materials and labor all American.

Mix Match Storage Cabinet by WFOUR

So you might not want to mix and match your socks or your silverware. It doesn’t always work out in an aesthetically pleasing way but, in the case of the WFOUR Mix Match cabinet maker and owner Chris Walsh rolled the design dice and came up with matching sixes. These storage cabinets are fun and cover a wide range of storage uses. Each is built with solid domestic hardwoods and can be customized with different stains, lacquered colors, porcelain or brass pulls, and drawers or doors. Each is hand built to order in Nevada.

Available from WFOUR.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Fischer Clothing – Success starts with pattern.

Designer Kristina Angelozzi now has 4 years of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections that showcase her talent for creating with fabrics and patterns that are timeless pieces of art. Like a perfectly designed piece of furniture anchoring an otherwise blank space, each Fischer garment is what brings an outfit to life. In her current collections you will find rich multicolored patterns that are characteristic of the ikat weave technique originating in Central and South America plus fabrics that are meticulously hand block printed. The fabrics are sourced from around the world and start with all natural materials like cotton with bits of wool, linen, and hemp. Everything is designed, cut, sewn, and shipped from New York city although Kristina is taking operations a little further south soon.

Available from Fischer with list of stockists.

Lifta Desk Organizer by Made by Cardinal

Stop straining your neck to look at this screen! The Lifta “desk organizer” isn’t necessarily a file cabinet but like the name suggests it will raise your desktop computer monitor to a more posture safe height while creating all kinds of storage opportunities below. The Lifta also creates the opportunity for your work space to look good with its smooth lines and natural look made from either ash, oak, or baltic plywood. Each is crafted in Nashville, Tennessee.

Available from Made by Cardinal.


A classic look with modern touches, the Tessera watch is the sophomore effort from the watchmaker Leo Padron. Each Padron Watch is made with 150 Meter marine grade stainless steel and sapphire crystal and exclusively use high beat mechanical-wind movements. Padron Watches are water resistanct to 150 meters, use no electronics nor a battery, and hence are excellent choices for low-temperature climates and demanding weather. The components come from abroad but everything is assembled by hand in their Minnesota facility. At a price around $500 this is a watch that looks great and doesn’t break your wrist when you reach for the wallet.

Available from Padron.