Women’s Work Dungarees by Gamine Co.

Break out the work gloves and these hardworking dungarees for your first spring planting or later down the road when they are worn in and you are harvesting that summer haul. Unlike other baggy and drab options these dungarees are tailored for a women’s fit and are designed by a horticulturist that has an eye for functional gardening details. Each pair is built by the well established workwear company L.C. King Mfg. out of Bristol, Tennessee. L.C. uses White Oak cone denim and sources everything else from thread to buttons domestically. These are built to work on so many levels and last many seasons ahead.

Available from Gamine Co.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Acrylic Nesting Tables by Spectrum

If you have dreams of ghost chairs and want your living space to impress the living then Spectrum has a wide range of crystal clear poly-acrylic furnishings that will make you think you are in a glass house. Each piece comes from domestically made acrylic sheets that are of the highest grade. They are laser cut, formed, and polished in Maryland.

Available from Spectrum.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Custom Outdoor Jackets by Wild Things

Wild Things was born from a couple of east coast climbing enthusiasts and grew into a leading supplier of tactical outerwear for alpinists, hikers, military, and law enforcement. Their knowledge of the elements and of high performing synthetic materials has gone into a couple of well designed and American made jackets. The Insulight jacket is both light weight, warm, and functions perfectly as a mid-layer in colder climates or as an outer layer for less harsh conditions. Made with materials like TORAY, POLARTEC®, SCHOELLER®, and lined with PRIMALOFT® insulation this jacket is built to block cold winds and keep you dry in light rains. The heftier mountain guide jacket sports a fleece lined Toyota soft shell and is ideal for a little tougher climbs. Both are customizable with lots of colors, pocket options, and hood or no hood. Each is cut and sewn in a New Hampshire facility and is available within 2 weeks.

Available from Wild Things USA.

Coronado Crew by Iron and Resin

When you are kickin’ it on a Coronado resort island you are going to want your sweatshirt to make you look like a modern day conquistador. Iron and Resin is no stranger to making goods that make you look like the badass California motorcycle crew they were born from but, when it comes to leisure the Coronado crew makes quick work of rolling up your sleeves to flex. And you can flex with premium stitching and cotton that is crafted in small batches down the road from their Ventura flagship in Los Angeles.

Available from Iron and Resin.

Geometric Candleholders by Marvin Freitas

These aren’t imported but the talent is. Marvin Freitas grew up watching his grandfather craft things out of his Galicia, Spain shop. Years and thousands of miles later Marvin has his own shop in Minneapolis where he has designed an entire collection of furniture and objects he builds there. These geometric candle holders are made of black walnut and come in 3 different sizes.

Available from Marvin Freitas.


Decorative Tile by Slate-ish

Slate is a cornerstone of the modern look however, getting slate to your front door involves mining and with some pieces it involves shipping around the world. That’s a heavy environmental weight to bare not to mention the weight that those walls have to bare. In comes a new idea that is lighter, more environmentally friendly, and looks…Slate-ish. These tiles are made from pieces of another building material used for countertops and exteriors called Richlite made in Tacoma, WA. Richlite is recycled FSC-certified paper that has been compressed and hardened in a non-toxic resin that makes it as durable as stone but as easy to cut as wood. Slate-ish uses waste from Richlite installations and has a process to turn those pieces into tiles that resemble slate. The tiles come in a number of shapes and sizes which can be applied to a surface with a number of adhesives.

Available from Slate-ish.

Office Desk Organizers by Modeska

Take a laser cutter and some aircraft-grade aluminum and you got a recipe for just about anything the imagination can dream up and that can stand the test of time. While you are at the sketchbook why not start with some assistance from desk organizers that start with the same ingredients. Modeska organizers come in a full range of storage and task applications you might need and their smart Scandinavian design is enough to inspire. Each is laser cut, grinded, folded, and powder-coated at an over 50 year old factory in Connecticut specializing in engineering services and finished off with laser etched cork as a base to protect your work surface.

Available from Modeska.

chair[dot]multi-ply by Daniel Moyer Design

Chair[dot]multi-ply by Daniel Moyer combines his mastery of wood joinery with a whimsical use of industrious wing nuts, screws and bolts that hold together this mash-up of materials but leave room for play. One look at this piece takes you back to school on the classic building blocks of a chair but, its details push it ahead of its class. Multi-ply hard wood planes meet powder-coated ergonomic curved cold rolled steel that sit on legs that anchor and balance. Check out how its made in Brooklyn here.

Available from Daniel Moyer Design.