Gym/Work Bag by DSPTCH

If you are that person running off to the gym at lunch or if your gym / work schedule is a little crammed then this is the bag for you. There are places to keep sweaty shoes ventilated, laptops dry, and even a false bottom secret place for…..things. Each is made of moisture-resistant nylon packcloth in San Francisco and the DSPTCH retail space can be found right in the Mission.

Available from DSPTCH.

Jackson Sofa and Sectional by Liberty Manufacturing Co.

So you’ve seen this look a few times but, what really counts is on the inside. Liberty Manufacturing Co. has a history of making furniture in L.A. since the 40′s so great craftsmanship is in it’s blood. Sustainable wood from the Pacific NW, soybean based and chemical-free foam, water-based glue, and recycled steel no-sag springs give these sofas a heart of gold. All of the components are sourced from American companies and put together in L.A.

Available from Liberty Manufacturing Co.


Fitted Athletic Shirts by Guroo

Just because those gym clothes are made of stretchy fabric doesn’t mean you are going to get the perfect fit when you are in a SMLXL world. Guroo is giving you more or less room with their customized men’s shirts based on build and length. They are made with a moisture wicking fabric, double seamed, and designed with vents that make you feel and look cool. The production is based in Los Angeles.

Available from Guroo.

Contour and Moiré Side Tables by Bower

Some nesting tables just nest but these two options by New York based studio Bower bring a fun interactive graphic element to it. The semi-cylindrical pieces are made from molded plywood that are lacquered. The Contour table is topped with tinted glass that the light can play with and project beautiful patterns. The Moiré tables are topped with walnut lines that when crossed make a movable lattice. Each table is produced in New York.

Available from Bower.

Utility Mirror by Good Thing

Do you really want 7 years bad luck hinging on that shitty plastic hand mirror underneath the sink? Maybe that mirror should look in the mirror because Good Thing NYC has made a thing of beauty. This utility mirror ain’t breaking since it is made from one piece of steel thats cut and polished in Pennsylvania. It’s then dipped in rubber at an automotive parts factory in Ohio so that you won’t lose your grip at any angle.

Available from Good Thing.

The Hot Seat and Love Seat by Bend

When a sculptor from Michigan finds inspiration in the California desert and sets up shop in the thriving artist community of L.A. then you get something you have always wanted more of in your life…love in the form of a seat. Bend has a wide range of seating in its signature colorful patterned welded iron. Iron that is recycled and powder coated into the sculptor that makes your outdoor space museum worthy.

Available from Bend.

Wald Lighting by Feltmark

These are the hover boards of floor lamps, but don’t get your hopes up for superconductors and liquid nitrogen. No stand necessary when you plug right into the wall with the Wald light. Atop a bent bead blasted aluminum pipe sits a block of your choice of domestically sourced black walnut or ash with a slim bubble of a bulb. Even sexier is the Wald Hi-Lo which is all one unified aluminum build in your choice of 3 rich colors fit for your modern mansion…or tiny home. All the components are made here and built in L.A.

Available from Feltmark.


Single Malt Whiskey by Westland

Alongside all of those condos and apartments springing up to fill the needs of a growing Seattle tech market are lots of breweries and distilleries to serve the thirsty masses. Westland Distillery is a local standout that has also received global attention from Scottish whisky diehards for its single malt creation. The spirits start their journey in the SODO district of Seattle in the beautifully outfitted Westland distillery space with a grain bill featuring a pale base malt grown in Washington. A select batch of grain is dried and smoked with peat, an old world trick to a smokier profile, for a “peated” malt. On the Olympic Peninsula there is a wealth of peat harvested by the distillery. After fermentation and distillation the alcohol is aged in either New American Oak or Sherry that was harvested in the American south then used as casks for a century in Spain and repurposed back home. Westland wants to make Washington the place you think of for quality whiskey so look out Bill Gates.

Available from Westland Distillery.

Duffel Bag by JBird Collective

Portland based JBird Collective is crafting some of the finest technical duffel bags and back packs that will make you the A-team of street savvy. The fold top design is secured by shock cord that allows for a low profile gym bag or an expanded weekender size. There are plenty of pockets for easy access storage and for smaller items. The bag is built with waxed canvas sourced from Fairfield Textile out of Fairfield New Jersey, leather trims from the SB Foot Tannery in Red Wing Minnesota, and CORDURA liners which also produced domestically. The hardware and nylon straps are military grade and are sure to not let you down if you pick one of these up.

Available from JBird Collective.