Hand-poured Candy by Quin

Somewhere along the line candy started to be made in a never ending line of machines, molds, and lots and lots of artificial flavors. Jami Curl wanted to bring the charm of old-fashioned hand made candy into the modern world of shape, color, and flavor. She is personally responsible for all of the design and flavor by Portland based candy makers Quin. Here every single candy from lollipop to gum drop is made in small batches and packaged by hand. The ingredients are real. Things like honey, hazelnuts, berries, and salt all that are sourced locally from Oregon.

Available from Quin.

Solid Cologne by Fulton & Roark

Yes ladies and gents, it’s another innovation in everyday life through science. Listen up fellas. No more are the days of carrying around those bulky and fragile fragrance bottles. Thanks to microcrystalline wax and the smart thinking of the Fulton & Roark crew you can now easily stash away solid scents that you can apply with just the tips of your fingers. On the outside is an incredibly attractive and sturdy solid aluminum case that swings open in one hand and feels like you are conjuring the spirit of James Dean opening a Zippo. No flame necessary here, only the heat of your fingers that liquify the wax so that you can apply it and enjoy the crisp clean masculine fragrance literally shaped and molded by the Fulton & Roark team down in Winston-Salem, NC.

Available from Fulton & Roark.

Guitar Stand and Mount by OneFortyThree

Why would you leave that Fender or Gibson piece of artwork hanging or standing on a cheap piece of plastic? OneFortyThree out of Las Vegas takes carefully molded oak or walnut plywood and wraps them around your axe to display them in proper fashion. The stand has a hand-bent steel base that is powder-coated and is fitted with a rubber backrest to keep your electric instrument safe and sound. The hanging mount is a simple hook design that fits most electric and acoustic necks.

Available from OneFourtyThree.

Hair clips and Barrettes by Canoe

Natalie Davis of Austin, Texas brands her work with her studio’s name Canoe. A small studio where she takes the plentiful Texas resource of cowhide and cuts, sews, stamps, and carves some of the prettiest little accessories you will find in a extra large state. Her hair clips and barrettes will keep your hair style in place while adding a whole new layer of style on top of that.

Available from Canoe.


Hammy by Plywood Office

Sometime you just don’t want to settle for a hammock between two trees or at very least you don’t have two trees. The Hammy not only solves the hammock/tree issue it does it in a way that will transform your green living space. It’s like a mini patio that you can place anywhere and have a nap, a seat, or a gardening session all in one. The Hammy is made with a powder-coated metal frame plus water and insect resistant white oak. The hammock sling itself is non-fading, waterproof and UV resistant. Each is built in Chicago where hammock weather comes at a premium.

Available from Plywood Office.

M.stool by J1 Studio

It’s a stool, it’s a table, it’s a bench…really it’s any surface you can make of these modular and stackable architectural pieces. They play with triangles and squares that all fit together and create visually interesting surfaces with storage possibilities below. Each is handmade of oak or walnut in Los Angeles.

Available from J1 Studios.

Air Purifiers by Austin Air

For those with allergies, Spring begins the battle of wanting to spend every moment you can outside only to retreat indoors to avoid feeling like your head is going to explode. Then the indoor air becomes just as intolerable and your secret weapon is revealed. The air purifier. A weapon you actually probably use all year round, but do you really think that tiny machine you picked up in the aisle next to the irons is going to pack much fire power? I doubt it.

Thankfully a man with a wife who badly suffered from allergies set out to build her a machine that would annihilate all of those allergens and chemicals in the air that other machines couldn’t. He built a machine that can remove 99.97 of all particulates as small as 0.3 microns and 95 percent of particulates 0.1 microns and smaller. A machine that also helps scrub off gassing and toxic chemicals through multiple layers of air filtration that makes it a medical grade HEPA filter. There is actually a full line of Austin Air machines that can purify air in a space up to 1500 square feet. The design aesthetic feels like R2D2 and the older MacPro had a baby, but a pretty attractive baby. Each machine is built entirely in the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility located in Buffalo, NY.

Available from Austin Air.

Rise Outdoor Collection by Edwin Blue

If you need a place to perch solo and read in an afternoon breeze or accommodations for a dinner party at your cabana then the Rise collection will meet any of those needs beautifully. While you go about feasting or reclining there will be hand picked, planed, and sanded FSC certified cypress planks plus hand brushed stainless steel supporting you. Enough to outlast many occasions and built to last for any occasion weather decides to throw. Not to mention the sleek unified design and of course the fact that each piece is built to order in the Edwin Blue studio.

Available from Edwin Blue.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Seating by ErgoErgo

Seating seems like such a non-descriptive category for an object you can use to exercise and create better posture separately or at the same time. It’s design allows your body to get out of that rigid form a conventional chair might encourage while building balance and core strength. You might even see them in a gym class. Even better is that ErgoEgro is made from a recyclable technopolymer in Fairfield, Iowa. It’s made to develop good seating habits in sizes for fully developed and developing humans.

Available from ErgoErgo.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Sweaters by Appalatch

You might not think of the finding leading edge garment technology in the Appalachian mountains but the aptly named Appalatch founders launched a Kickstarter with dreams of 3D printing the world sweaters made from start to finish in the U.S. It all starts with a German-made machine by Stoll that like a Makerbot 3D printer or CNC wood router is capable of automating knitting in 3 dimensions. Incredible machine aside, where it really starts is with the 2 creators of Appalatch who were passionate enough about domestic production that they made sure their wool came from sheep in Montana, their organic cotton from Texas, and their finished sweaters were dyed and sewn in their home state of North Carolina. The result is an incredibly well made and well designed sweater in 2 timeless styles for both men and women.

Available from Appalatch.

100%Materials and labor all American.